There is a Battle and You are in it

Why was I feeling so down?  Why did I feel tired?  I was wondering about these questions a few days ago. I just felt listless and unmotivated. Just kind of going through the motions of my day, but not all there. Do you ever have days like that? Finally, sometime in the evening, I realized … Continue reading There is a Battle and You are in it



  We had a lot of excitement around here last week!  Benjamin Teague Masson was born to our daughter, Abby, and her husband, Christian, on January 11th!  He is healthy and wonderfully made. Amelia is a terrific big sister!  All are doing well and we are so thankful. Grandparenthood Really is Grand! If you were … Continue reading Grandparenthood


Like many other moms out there, I've been getting things ready for school starting.  So many things to think about... There's school clothes to get, supplies to buy, schedules to pick up, summer habits to break, new routines to get ready for, haircuts to get, doctor appointments to go to, etc!  Then, for homeschooling, there's … Continue reading Sandpaper