Halfway Through No Screen Month

I have been enjoying No Screen Month and although we haven’t been totally strict with it, we have still been reaping some great benefits. Here are some pics highlighting how our month has gone so far.

We’ve done lots more puzzles.  So good for your brain!


This is one we bought on our trip to Arizona.  It’s all about animals of the desert.

Kidron and Melody made a road trip to see friends from a town we used to live in when they were little. They had so much fun!


About to leave for the adventure!

James and I went on a date and got a coffee at Starbucks.  This handsome young man made our coffee!


Our oldest, Noah, hard at work.

We have had more outdoor time….


James enjoying the hammock with Levi and Amelia (our granddaughter)



Nothing like dipping your toes in the pond!


In homeschool, we’ve been learning about Indians. We made some beads from salad macaroni and strung them on yarn to make some fine jewelry. 😊



The fine jewelry makers



Indian princess

We also went to a local museum where they had a tipi set up for my little Indians to play in.


Levi didn’t want to sit still too long!

From time to time, we like to take our kids on dates individually.  It’s a great chance to have one on one time and just purposefully reconnect.  I was way overdue for a date with my 13-year-old so we went to IHOP and had a nice time!



Yummy coffee, too!:)



We talked and listened to one another about such subjects as school, friends, and tv shows.  Sometimes, at home, it can feel like we get stuck in a rut of only “talking at” each other. (“Did you do your homework?”  “Pick up your towel!”  “Mom, I need a note for school.”).  So, it was a good thing to get away and refocus on what’s really important.  I highly recommend taking dates with your kids!

There you have it!  Nothing earth-shattering–just simple ways we have enjoyed our month so far, making memories together.  What have you been up to this month that will leave a lasting impression on your kids?  I’d love to hear about it.  Just share in the comments below.




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