A Book that Changed my Life

Hi there!

I hope your summer is rolling along nicely.  Mine seems to be rolling a little too fast!  I still can’t believe July is here!  Summer, please slow down!

I wanted to tell you about something today that really changed my life a few years ago.  Chances are you have heard of Trim Healthy Mama and the way that this movement is helping so many people lose weight and gain better health.  Well, I am one of those people!

A Fad Diet?

I first heard of Trim Healthy Mama (THM) in autumn 2012 at a weekly homeschooling co-op.  I had just had my 7th baby, Suzanna, the previous March, so I was helping in the nursery and talking with the other moms as we rocked our babies.   One mom talked about THM every week and I listened as she described this new way of eating and thinking about food and health.  I was skeptical at first because it feels like there’s a new fad diet out there every time you turn around.  So, I listened, but wasn’t really too convinced that I needed to jump on board especially when I found out I’d need to give up sugar!

Well, we finished that co-op semester in November 2012, and started the spring semester in January 2013 and in those few short months some amazing change took place!  When I saw my THM friend for the first time in about two months, I was (along with the rest of the moms in the nursery) shocked and surprised at how good she looked and how trim and healthy she had gotten in such a short time!  Ok skepticism gone!  I was ready to try this out!  Actually, being the “slow to warm up to new ideas” kind of person that I am, I kept listening to my friend and asking her questions about the THM way of life for a few more months before I decided I’d give it a shot, plus I was nursing so I didn’t want to start a “diet” until that was over.  (Since then I’ve learned you can eat the THM way with a few adjustments even while pregnant or nursing.) 

A Magic Book

I finished nursing Suzanna and weaned her in April 2013 which is also the month I bought the original Trim Healthy Mama book!  No more excuses, I was gonna do this thing!  The book was THICK so I started reading and really enjoyed the down-to-earth banter between the authors, who also happen to be sisters.  I was leisurely reading and thinking, “This sounds pretty good!  I’ll start this soon–like in a few months.”  However, my redheaded teenage daughter, Abby, was also reading the book and being the go-getter type person that she is, she urged me to go to the health food store and get busy stocking up on a few items that we would be needing to start THM.  She was ready!  Abby became my helper and cheerleader throughout the next few months and I’m so thankful she was!  It was much easier to make habit changes with an accountability partner.

So, I started the plan in April 2013 and by June 2013 I had lost about 27 pounds!  This happened without me feeling deprived or hungry.  I felt like I found a magic book that helped me lose weight while eating chocolate muffins for breakfast and cheesecake for lunch, along with lots of other yumminess!  It was truly amazing!  I want to add here that I have been able to maintain my current size/weight (except while pregnant) for 4 years now!  I have found THM to be way more than a diet, it is a way of life.

What a Difference!

I hadn’t really thought of myself as overweight too much before I started THM, just kind of chubby.  Of course, I had gained weight with each pregnancy and sometimes it wouldn’t all go away as fast as I would like and some always seemed to hang on no matter what!  I remember I felt mildly unhappy about my size, but once I lost those 27 pounds I realized how much extra weight I had been carrying around and how much better I felt–like a million bucks!  It was so nice to enjoy trying on clothes again at the store and being able to wear some clothes from the back of my closet that I hadn’t fit into for so long.  I always hated trying on clothes before and there were many Sunday mornings I’d end up in tears before church because, “I look fat in everything!”  Not a fun way to start the day.

I had tried to get in shape, lose weight, eat less, stop eating sweets, blah, blah, blah.  Done it all before!  Giving up sweets was always the hard part for me.  I love sweets, especially chocolate. 🙂  So, I’d give them up for short periods of time, but I’d feel so deprived watching my family eat ice cream, cookies, etc.  So, I’d always give in eventually and then feel discouraged.  That is one of the greatest parts of THM to me–you still get to eat sweets and lose weight at the same time!

Food Freedom!

Another great part of THM is I learned how my body uses the food I eat and how to prevent it from storing up too much fat.  I never understood before why I couldn’t just eat less and lose weight.  The Trim Healthy Mama book explains how our bodies work to break down carbs and fats, but as adults we don’t need as much of these two main energy sources as we did as children.  When we eat both in a meal, our bodies burn through one, then the other.  If there is still carbs or fats left to burn and we don’t burn it, then that portion gets stored as adipose tissue (stored fat!).  Our bodies never get to the business of burning the adipose tissue since it already has enough energy to use with just the carbs and fats.  So, the way THM works is meals are usually either high in carbs or high in fats, but you don’t eat a meal high in carbs and high in fats at the same time.  When carbs and fats are separated and only one energy source at a time is being used, then our bodies burn through that energy source and then go straight to the adipose tissue and start burning through it.  Wah-la!  Weight loss occurs!  I was so glad to learn how it worked!  And also so glad to know that I can have both carbs and fats in my diet–just not at the same time!  So no deprivation feelings!  Food freedom!

The reason the original THM book is so thick is because it is full of amazing recipes in the back that the two sisters, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, have created.  So, the first part of the book explains the “why” of the plan and the back shows you how.  They have since made a new edition of the original book called, Trim Healthy Mama Plan which is more simplified (I don’t own that one, but I’m sure it would be a great place to start learning about this plan).   They also have a fairly new recipe book called, Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook:  Eat Up and Slim Down With More Than 350 Healthy Recipes, that is filled with even more recipes to help along the way.  I own that one, and use it almost every day.


Once you get the rhythm of the plan down, it becomes like second nature and doesn’t take a lot of thought at all.  Almost any recipe can be converted to THM compliant with a few substitutions, which is another strength of this plan!  If all that weren’t enough, the sisters also have a fun podcast that is very encouraging and interesting and a whole product line of healthy products.  I just found out they are coming out with a new book in September 2017 called, Trim Healthy Mama’s Trim Healthy Table: More Than 300 All-New Healthy and Delicious Recipes from Our Homes to Yours.  I’m excited for that! 🙂


Can’t Keep it to Myself

So why am I dedicating an entire blog post to Trim Healthy Mama?  Because it has changed my life so much!  And when you find something that works, you want to share it with everyone you know.  You just can’t keep it to yourself!  This plan has so many benefits, but the greatest one is good health!  So many people have lowered their cholesterol, gotten off medicine, gotten rid of aches and pains, and improved their mental health and self-image, to name a few.  I, personally, had a much better pregnancy with my last child than my previous one since I started out 27 pounds lighter and had much healthier habits.

Maybe you are like I was, tired of trying the same old methods to lose weight and get in shape and seeing little progress.  Feeling deprived, discouraged, or both!  Maybe this is the answer?  I encourage you to give Trim Healthy Mama a try.  It could change your life!  Just click here to learn more.



Got a testimony?  I would love to hear how THM has helped make your life better in the comments below!


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